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We let you design the best uni. With the rowing unis from United Rowing you will be sure to wear a truly unique suit on the docks!

Just like you, we can’t wait for the latest design! Just keep an eye on our Instagram page for sneak peaks. On the form below you can leave your email address so you will be the first to be informed of new designs. Oh, and don’t worry. We are designing an awesome rowing uni as well!

Questions? Fill out the contact form or email us on info@unitedrowing.com.

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What is United Rowing?

For pledgers

United Rowing is giving the power to the people. You decide what rowing unis will be made. See any design you like? Make a pledge and soon enough you’ll be rocking the docks with your unique rowing uni.

For designers

We like to enable you to design the best rowing uni imaginable. Let others wear your design around the boathouse. And the best part? You get a cut of all the sales of your design! Get designing now!

Order threshold

To prevent our products from becoming too expensive and ensure quality we use an order threshold. For each design we require at least 50 orders. Meaning you won’t pay if we don’t meet the threshold. The reason you are required to fill in your payment data is because you pre-authorize the payment. This means we can tell the payment processor to authorize the payment once the threshold has been reached.


Our prices aren’t 100% confirmed yet, but we are aiming for the $55 (if applicable, VAT included) mark. The official price will be announced together with the first design.


Yes, we ship worldwide! We want to see your awesome design all around the globe.

Secure payments

We take security serious. That is why we partnered up with Stripe to make sure your pledges are save. Stripe enables us to take advantage of a secure payment gateway to ensure the transaction as secure as possible. As well as an encrypted connection between you and our payment processor, we can keep an eye transactions easily and secure with the Dashboard Stripe provides us. This makes it easy for us to confirm, monitor and, if necessary, refund payments.

For those not able to pay with a credit card we offer payment through Paypal. The payment through Paypal also uses an secured SSL-encrypted page.